Air is everything to anything that lives.TM

Sports fields, golf courses, and lawns require aerification to relieve soil compaction and increase turf health. More than core aerification, vericutting, or solid tine aerification, only the Air2G2 injects air through the root zone, reaching down 12 inches into the soil profile, and laterally injects air that fractures the soil substrate. This fracturing immediately relieves compaction, quickly allows water to drain, and promotes immediate gas exchange. But most importantly, it does so with little to no disturbance to the turfgrass surface. Aerify today, play today!

  • Relieves Compaction
  • Increases Porosity
  • Forces Immediate Gas Exchange
  • Improves Drainage
  • Little to No Disruption of Turf Surface
  • No Clean-Up of Cores
  • Aerify Today, Play Today!
  • Deeper Roots
  • Increased Microbial Activity
  • Healthier Turf

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  • AIR2G2

    Air is everything to anything that lives, and the Air2G2 was designed with this simple fact in mind. Plants require oxygen in order to grow, and soil compaction can squeeze valuable air pockets, starving plant roots and keeping them from absorbing the moisture and nutrients they need. The Air2G2’s adjustable, pressurized air injections fracture this layer of soil, relieving compaction immediately. Increased porosity allows for better water drainage and increased turf cushioning, stimulating deeper root growth and forcing immediate gas exchange. In addition to the immediate benefits, Air2G2 keeps turf healthy and more resilient. The long-term benefits of increased microbial activity, deeper roots and better drainage mean healthier turf. Ultimately, the Air2G2 produces enhanced tolerance to heat and drought, improved fertilizer effectiveness, and less bacteria and fungus in the root zone, saving you time and money.

  • AIR2HP

    The Air2HP line of handheld aerification tools offers a portable aerifying option. The Air2HP (and soon-to- come Air2HP2 consumer version) is perfect for small, hard-to-reach areas, like sand bunkers and flowerbeds, and can be easily navigated around tree roots and lawns. The Air2HP and Air2HP2 use a single probe to inject air into compacted soil, fracturing hard packed earth and ensuring better drainage and airflow in problem areas. An external air compressor (135psi/1 hp/3 gal/2.4 scfm @ 90psi minimum), or the Air2G2 machine, is required to inject pressurized air in a diameter of up to 3 feet, and up to 40 inches beneath the surface of the soil.