The Concept

The Concept Behind the Air2G2 324

air injection
The Air2G2 324 revolutionizes how turf managers at golf courses, sports fields and landscape companies think about their soil management practices. The Air2G2 324 is the winner of the 2015 Innovation Award from the Sports Turf Managers Association, (STMA). True aerification injects air into the soil profile and Air2G2 products are the only ones on the market today that utilize Air2G2 air-injection process.

Air2G2 Air-Injection Process

Compacted soil inhibits oxygen circulation, water movement, gas exchange and more. When you have compaction, your soil profile needs the Air2G2 324. The Air2G2 324 uses air-injection process which relieves Compaction, increases Porosity and enhances Respiration by fracturing hardpan layers to enable airflow and increase drainage. The Air2G2 324 accomplishes all of this with minimal disruption to the surface and without damage to the roots below.

Benefits of the Air2G2 324:

  • Compaction Relief
  • Porosity Increased
  • Respiration Enhanced

The Air2G2 324 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurized air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil, in a diameter of up to 9 feet, reaching deep into the soil profile. 

The Air2G2 324 does all of this with little to no disturbance to the turfgrass surface, the roots below and without leaving a mess of cores to clean up afterward. With frequent use, the Air2G2 324 creates surfaces that are healthy, firm and ready for play immediately after treatment.

Air is everything to anything that lives, and for your soil, the Air2G2 324 is a breath of fresh air.

Additional Benefits of the Air2G2 324 include:

  • Enhanced water drainage
  • Forced gas exchange
  • Encourages microbial activity
  • Improves turf health

Accomplish all of this and more with GT AirInject’s full line of products: the Air2G2 324, Air2HP handheld tool, Air2G2 636 tractor mounted unit and the Air2GO custom-fit shuttle trailer. Treat today, Play today!