Todd Jones is the General Manager at GT AirInject, where he leads a talented workforce dedicated to developing and building quality turf care equipment.  Todd was instrumental in GT AirInject’s development of Air2G2 336, Air2HP, and the Air2GO Shuttle Trailer.  He also led the implementation of a distributor and dealer network that covers more than 65 countries worldwide.

Todd grew up on a large hay farm in northeast Florida. He managed the family hay farm upon graduation from the University of Florida, where he studied Agricultural Engineering. Todd’s love for growing hay grass and modifying/creating farm equipment translates well in his roles at GT AirInject.

Todd’s personal interests lie in American football. He has coached football teams for most of the past 3 decades on several levels.  Todd currently serves as Assistant Head Coach of the North Florida Pumas, a women’s professional tackle football team, headquartered in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Todd helped the Pumas have a very successful second season, as they played for a national championship in 2018 in Bristol Tennessee.

Todd is married to Paige, and has six children: Silas, Bryce, Erica, Emma, Kaden, and Kash.

Todd has an identical twin brother named Scott.  They work together at GT AirInject.