Glen Black, developer of the Air2G2 machine, is owner and president of GT AirInject. For twenty years, Glen has devoted his time and talent to developing, researching and testing the Air2G2 process. The process and the machines that utilize it do so by injecting air to aerify soil to release and relieve compaction, enhance beneficial microbial activity and force gas exchange in the soil, making “Air is everything to anything that lives” Air2G2’s trademark tagline.

Together with his wife of 22 years, Glen and Sharon Black have two sons, Eric and Jason, and twin daughters, Sara and Stacie. Glen has a degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Soil Science. As a lifelong sports fan, Glen enjoys watching college football, baseball and, with his wife, College Softball.

The thrill of travel and adventure has taken Glen and Sharon across the globe, pursuing their “vision quest” to discover what’s around the next corner or over the next hill. Their curiosity has allowed them to meet incredible people and see unbelievable sights. Glen enjoys golf, a little baseball, and bike riding both on and off road. To this day Glen loves seeing the Air2G2 machine at work in places like the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Utah, Texas, New York, Michigan, Florida and many other states and countries throughout the world.

Every day Glen gives thanks to God above for everything that he and his family have, and that includes all of the people who work for GT AirInject making it into the company that it is today. Integrity, forthrightness, and quality.