PRESS RELEASE: GT AirInject Joins Asian Golf Industry Federation

From The Golf Wire Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States: GT AirInject, founders of the innovative Air2G2 aerification machine for golf courses and athletic fields, has joined the Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF). A family-owned company, GT AirInject partners with a worldwide network of distributors "who understand the benefits of aerification and are dedicated to…
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ARTICLE: Teach Your Old Green New Tricks!

Teach Your Old Green New Tricks! How True Aerification Can Improve Drainage and Golfer Experience By Sabrina J. Russo Just outside the buzz of New York City, the Seawane Golf Club in Hewlett Harbor on Long Island is a haven of manicured grass and ocean views. Close enough to the city to provide an escape…
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TESTIMONIAL: Woodhall Spa Golf Club on the Air2G2

From Landscape and Amenity “The beauty of the Air2G2 is I can go out there now, I can do the work on a green to break up any compacted layer underneath and help with the drainage, come off, cut the green and you wouldn’t know I’d been on it. “Even taking it a stage further,…
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