I think the Air2G2 machine is literally one of the most unique and innovative machines in my 32 year career. We use it before and after concerts, we use it around our tarp before we dump our tarp (to allow water to quickly drain), we use it for general maintenance, and as a part of our turf management program of regular aerification. It truly aerates the soil versus poking a hole in the ground and hoping air goes down in that hole. It relieves compaction and improves pore space. It helps with drainage. You know, roots grow in the pores of the soil. If you think of marbles in a jar, if there are little marbles and they’re too tight, there’s no pore space. I think of it kind of like fracking in the gas or oil industry, how it laterally creates pore space. This helps the grass breathe, it helps flush out gasses, reduce compaction, improve drainage and helps you have healthier turf. And what’s great is, you can do it today and play today.

David Mellor, Senior Director of grounds for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

The Air2G2 aerification machine can be operated every day at any time, even during the rain! With minimal-to-no surface disruption of thet. Even minutes after aerating with the Air2G2, it is playable—immediately. Nine Years ago I was told that our greens were done.  Rebuild, they said, was the only answer.  The Air2G2 aeration machine showed up that afternoon. Our golf course greens are 25 years old, and to this day they look better than ever. No rebuild. The Air2G2 aeration machine has saved us thousands.

The late Chris Blocker, Owner of Hyde Park Golf Club, Jacksonville, Florida

We use the Air2G2 surprisingly a lot in fairways, along cart paths, any place showing compaction or drainage issues, we use it and it seems to help. The Air2G2 does a better job than any other aerating unit we’d use.

Robert Bittner, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Operations at Club Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

The Air2G2 allows the new roots to grow down deeper, quicker. And that’s what we’re all looking for—to get on the field faster.

Darren Seybold, Director of Sports Surfaces, University of Tennessee, Knoxville