At Notts we’re constantly on the lookout for equipment that can help resolve problems we encounter during the day to day management of the course. For many years we’ve struggled with compaction in greens, very fine particles in the root zone clog up air spaces, impede drainage and hinder root development. These are not ideal conditions for encouraging fine grasses.


While we’ve tried numerous techniques over the years, we’ve had little success in relation to resolving this problem. In 2018 Campey offered to demo the Air2G2 on one of our most problematic greens, the demonstration would involve several treatments through the season penetrating the green to various depths.


Initially we saw very little impact, after the first couple of treatments there was still no obvious sign of improvement. However, towards the end of the season it was quite obvious that root density and depth of penetration had improved significantly.


It’s clear this machine isn’t a one hit wonder, it’s something that will improve things gradually. To get a strong healthy sward you need an open healthy soil, I believe the Air2G2 can help us achieve this.


Used properly his machine gives me the opportunity to work on improving the soil profile with minimal surface disruption, something that’s very important in our industry. This is a piece of equipment that I’m certainly going to investigate further.
Phil Stain, Course Manager- Notts Golf Club Ltd, Hollinwell, Kirkby in Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM, UK

The Air2G2 aerification machine can be operated every day at any time, even during the rain! With minimal-to-no surface disruption of thet. Even minutes after aerating with the Air2G2, it is playable—immediately. Nine Years ago I was told that our greens were done.  Rebuild, they said, was the only answer.  The Air2G2 aeration machine showed up that afternoon. Our golf course greens are 25 years old, and to this day they look better than ever. No rebuild. The Air2G2 aeration machine has saved us thousands.

The late Chris Blocker, Owner of Hyde Park Golf Club, Jacksonville, Florida

We use the Air2G2 surprisingly a lot in fairways, along cart paths, any place showing compaction or drainage issues, we use it and it seems to help. The Air2G2 does a better job than any other aerating unit we’d use.

Robert Bittner, CGCS, Director of Golf Course Operations at Club Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

The Air2G2 allows the new roots to grow down deeper, quicker. And that’s what we’re all looking for—to get on the field faster.

Darren Seybold, Director of Sports Surfaces, University of Tennessee, Knoxville