Golf Course Industry: Florida Governor tours Air2G2

Florida Governor Rick Scott visits Air2G2 factory

Governor Scott was greeted by Glen Black, President of GT AirInject, who noted the turf industry’s value to the state’s economy. Black and his staff demonstrated how the Air2G2 air-injection process relieves compaction, increases porosity and enhances respiration in the soil column on golf courses, sports fields lawns and sod farms in Florida. Upon learning how the Air2G2 324 injects air without damaging the turf surface and helps turf managers to use less water and fewer chemicals, Scott said, “That’s pretty smart. That’s great.”

Scott chose the GT AirInject factory as the backdrop for a campaign stop to promote his bid for United States Senate as a pro-business candidate, and to announce his endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Business, a business organization of which GT AirInject is a member.

During the press conference, held on the factory floor and surrounded by the new Air2G2 324 machines and the people who build them, Scott expanded on the GTAirInject story. “This company is less than eight years old and, if you look at the map, they’re selling products in Florida Governor Inspects Air2G2over 50 countries,” he said. “They’re all across the United States. And it’s because Glen and his team have put together a great business model, and it’s done really well.”

“To have the Governor come to see the Air2G2 324 machine for himself, and to single out our company as an innovator in the state, lends a great deal of credibility to GT AirInject, our staff and our line of air-injection products,” Black said. “We hope it means our brand will be more recognized and will raise the curiosity of those who don’t know about the machine and they will want to learn more about what it does.”

The Air2G2 is assembled in Jacksonville and manufactured primarily with parts made in the United States. To emphasize the point, Black invited representatives of key parts vendors including: Kohler, maker of the engines used in the Air2G2 324, based in Kohler, Wis., and FABCO, maker of the Air2G2 324’s pneumatic cylinders, based in Gainesville, Fla., among others.

The Air2G2 324 uses an environmentally-friendly, patented air-injection process to increase drainage and porosity, relieve compaction, promote healthy roots and aid in player safety on turfgrass surfaces in stadiums, on university campuses, golf courses, soccer, football and baseball fields, polo and lacrosse fields, lawns and sod farms.

CLICK HERE to watch video of Scott’s tour.