Distributors Get Sneak Peek at New Air2G2 Soil CPR™ Machine

Distributors Get Sneak Peek at New Air2G2 Soil CPR™ Machine

Exclusive Air2G2 Group from United States, Canada & UK Gather at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, FL

Golfers playing the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass recently saw more than just the Island Green at the famed course. As they approached the clubhouse and 17th green, they were treated a sneak peek at what is to become the new industry standard for soil health—the all new Air2G2 Soil CPR™ machine sporting its new logo and ultramarine blue color scheme.

Air2G2 distributors from all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom gathered at TPC Sawgrass to learn about the latest innovations from GT AirInject Inc., producer of the Air2G2. On the agenda was the opportunity to see the new Air2G2 machine prior to its unveiling at upcoming turf industry trade shows this fall and winter. A new product category as the Soil CPR machine, color scheme, new logo, and machine upgrades, were coupled with a new marketing campaign, revised website and new tools for distributor’s operational success.

Of the new features and branding of the Air2G2 as a Soil CPR machine Nick Simoneaux, of Air2G2 distributor Complete Lawn Care in Rayne, Louisiana, said “I like it. I think it’s a little more modern, up to date and fresh.”

“I think it’s awesome,” said Mike Plague of Air2G2 distribution company Soil O2 Solutions in Utica, Michigan. “Soil CPR describes what the machine is about. It’s a good way of communicating it.”

The Air2G2 Soil CPR machine relieves Compaction, increases Porosity and enhances Respiration by laterally injecting air into the soil profile to fracture hardpan layers and enable airflow, without surface disruption.

The event also afforded Air2G2 licensed distributors from all over the world to meet and share ideas. With three of the new blue Air2G2 machines displayed on the grass patio overlooking the 17th green, representatives took turns demonstrating the machine to TPC staff. The exercise allowed distributors to discuss which features and benefits of the machine their customers valued most, and to learn presentation tips from one another.

“Learning how other dealers approach different customers and customer types was invaluable,” said Rick Kadlec of Air2G2 distribution company, GLK Turf Solutions in San Antonio, Texas. “Plus, all the new features of the machine aid in useage and are operator-friendly.”

Tim Ford, owner of Air2G2 distributor JNT Turf Solutions in Mississippi and Arkansas, said “I think that coming to this meeting will allow me to be a better networker with the other distributors. We have a lot more power as a group than individuals.”