The Air2HP portable air-injection handheld tool goes where you need it most. It’s perfect for small, hard-to-reach areas, sand bunkers, flowerbeds, and can be easily navigated around tree roots and to spot-treat lawns.

The Air2HP uses a single probe to laterally inject pressurized air in a diameter of up to 3 feet, and as deep as 40 inches beneath the surface of the soil. This process fractures the compacted layers to ensure better drainage and airflow in problem areas.

The Air2HP causes no turf disturbance with no post-treatment cleanup, making it a fast, portable and affordable soil management solution. An external air compressor is required for use (135psi/1 hp/3 gal/2.4 scfm @ 90psi minimum), or the Air2G2-336, and is sold separately.


The Air2HP Helps With:

  • Relieves soil compaction in remote, high traffic areas of turf fields and lawns
  • Increases soil porosity around tree roots, shrubs, flower beds and lawns
  • Increase drainage in areas such as golf course bunkers, walkways or areas of turf fields that have standing water during wet conditions



  • Single Probe Air Injector
  • Hand Operated Air Valve
  • Removable 40 inch Stainless Steel Probe
  • Adjustable Foot Plate
  • Included Flex-coil Supply Hose (extends to 25 ft.) with Industrial Quick Disconnect fittings
  • External connected to air compressor for air supply required



  • Lawn and Landscape Twenty for 2017 New Product Awards program


Contact your distributor for pricing.