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VIDEO: Tennessee Smokies Baseball Air2G2 Testimonial

Anthony Defeo, Head Groundskeeper of the Tennessee Smokies Baseball Team, learned about Air2G2 at a tradeshow. Impressed with the machine, he scheduled a demo at his own field. The results he observes from Air2G2 use continue to impress, and non-disruptive aeration means the ability to aerate all the way up until a game begins. For Defeo, the Air2G2 is a true gamechanger: here's why.

VIDEO: Wembley Stadium Air2G2 Testimonial

Alan Ferguson, Head of Grounds and Estates at Wembley Stadium, explains how the Air2G2 was an "eye opening" experience. During a demo, Ferguson describes a "wow" moment through which he knew the Air2G2 would be an asset. The results speak for themselves: zero black layer, higher oxygen levels, and success "beyond our wildest imagination".

VIDEO: Introducing the Air2G2

Introducing true aeration, the Air2G2.

The HSBC Golf Innovation Forum describes the Air2G2 as “a true aeration machine” that infuses the soil with air with “minimal surface disruption” that leaves a surface immediately playable after use. In a statement on the HSBC Golf Business Forum website, event organizers said: “The Air2G2 will benefit every course manager in the world.”