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VIDEO: Air2G2 Distributor Campey Turfcare Celebrates 30 Years

GT AirInject is proud of their distributor, Campey Turf Care, and celebrates their 30th year of business and innovation!

Campey Turf Care Creating innovation!

Richard Campey can be justifiably proud as Campey Turf Care Systems celebrates its 30th year of overwhelming success. And nothing marks this more poignantly than they and American manufacturer GT Air Injection jointly winning the 2016 prestigious HSBC Golf Business Forum Innovation Award for the development and marketing of the revolutionary Air2G2. This illustrates exactly what Richard and his team are all about - believing that the pursuit of innovation is far more satisfying and rewarding than merely trying to replicate what others have done. It is this passion for discovery and pushing the boundaries that sets him apart and makes him, and his company, worthy of the respect and recognition of his industry and fellow professionals. Richard has spent the past thirty years building a successful global company developing and supplying quality machinery for natural turf renovation and maintenance around the world, with machines used at venues such as Real Madrid, FC Dallas, LA Galaxy, Maryland SoccerPlex, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and the golf clubs of Castle Stuart, Wisley and Gleneagles, to name but a few.

“The pursuit of innovation is far more satisfying and rewarding
than merely trying to replicate what others have done"


October 5, 2016: Landscape Specification, The Product Bulletin - AIR2G2 GT AIR INJECT BRINGS AN AIR OF PRACTICALITY TO CLUB - Cheltenham Town Football Club head groundsman, Matt Utteridge, has purchased an Air2G2 GT Air Inject from Campey Turf Care Systems, to relieve compaction on the Whaddon Road pitch, with a wealth of other practicalities…
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The Science

The Science Behind the Air2G2 324 Most problems concerning turf on sports fields, golf course greens, tee boxes, or athletic playing surfaces can generally be attributed to soil compaction in one way or another. When the spaces between the particles of soil or sand become restricted, the paths for air, water, and nutrients are greatly…
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How It Works

How the Air2G2 Air-Injection Process Works The Air2G2 324 uses three probes to laterally inject pressurized air up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil, in a diameter of up to 9 feet, reaching deep into the soil profile. Compacted layers form as a result of foot traffic, mechanical traffic and nature’s daily wear and…
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