GCI: Q&A With Glen Black: Perform Soil CPR With Air2G2 Technology

Perform Soil CPR With Air2G2 Technology

Glen Black, Inventor of the Air2G2, President of GT AirInjet, Inc., explains how to successfully integrate Air2G2 into your maintenance practices.

Air2G2 has a very unique and intriguing technology. For turf managers, how does this differ from traditional plug-punching aerification? 
Glen Black: The difference between the traditional technology and the Air2G2 technology is quite substantial. A hole poked in the turf to a depth of 5-6 inches doesn’t really allow for any air to be capture., It does, however, disrupt the upper surface to create airflow for a very brief time. Because it’s a shallow disruption, it allows for thatch removal, which is very important. The Air2G2 machinery not only injects air at the root base, but also below the root base, up to twelve inches deep, where a lot of problems arise. Those problems may be  due to bad microbial activity. The Air2G2 technology fractures the soil at many different levels, allowing for the air to flow through the soil. By injecting compressed air, the “bad gas” (CO2) is forced out of the soil. For, as everyone knows, a hole in the surface may release some gas, but because the CO2 is heavier than air, it never gets fully expelled from the soil.