Air2GO Value Pack

Add up the Value!
Add Up the Savings!

The Air2G2 336 + HP + GO = Value Pack

This affordable and convenient package combines the power of the Air2G2 336, featuring the Air2G2 air inject process, with the Air2HP handheld tool, bundled together with the Air2GO shuttle trailer. The Air2GO Value Pack allows you to quickly and easily move between treatment sites, from green to green or field to field.

The Air2GO Value Pack includes:

● AIR2G2 324:The award-winning air injection Air2G2 336 powered by Air2G2’s air injection process to relieve compaction, increase porosity and force gas exchange.
● AIR2HP:The flexible and easy to use Air2HP handheld tool maneuvers in small spaces, around tree roots, shrubs and flowers, as well as drain fields and sand traps, or to spot-treat problem areas.
● AIR2GO: The all-new Air2GO shuttle trailer with locking mechanisms to quickly and easily load and unload the Air2G2 336. The air2GO shuttle trailer allows for safe, convenient transport to the next treatment site. There’s even a convenient mount for the Air2HP handheld tool.

The Air2GO Value Pack Saves Time, Saves Money!

● Fast load & unload
● One crewmember can do it all
● Treat then move quickly between treatment sites
● Safely transport around your facility
● Hooks to any standard hitch, on a cart or truck
● Mounts & safety latches custom-designed for the Air2G2 336 & Air2HP

Combine the power of the Air2G2 336 with the flexibility of the Air2HP, and the speed of the Air2GO, and you’ve got all the tools you need in one affordable package.

*Please contact your nearest Distributor or GT Air Inject for A Special Pricing Information