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Glen Black, President

Todd Jones, General Manager

Scott Jones, Operations Manager

Jarren Stevens, Production Manager

Brendan Hoban, Director of Sales



ABOUT GT AirInject

GT AirInject, Inc. is based in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is known worldwide for the widely successful AIR2G2-324, which uses AIR2G2 air-injection process to relieve Compaction, increase Porosity and enhance Respiration. The AIR2G2-324 is distributed internationally and is used at world-class facilities such as Desert Mountain, The Club at Pelican Bay, Indian Ridge CC, West Point Military Academy, and by professional sports team such as the Chicago Cubs, Real Madrid Football Club, Houston ASTROS, and many other sports teams and golf clubs.

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The all new AIR2G2-324 uses the AIR2G2 air-injection process to relieve Compaction, increase Porosity and force Gas Exchange by using three probes to laterally inject air at 7-inches deep and 12-inches deep into the soil profile, which injects oxygen deep into the root zone. This is accomplished with minimal surface disruption and without causing damage to roots.

AIR2HP | AIR2HP Handheld Tool

The AIR2HP handheld tool uses a singe probe to laterally inject pressurized air beneath the surface of the soil to fracture compacted layers and ensure better drainage and airflow in problem areas. The AIR2HP is a fast, portable and affordable soil management solution.

AIR2GO | AIR2GO Shuttle Trailer

Transporting the AIR2G2-324 between greens or fields is now easier than ever with the AIR2GO, a custom-fit shuttle trailer that secures the AIR2G2-324 and AIR2HP with ease.

AIR2GO Value Pack

Combines all three machines into one convenient package


The AIR2G2 Air Injection Process

  • Relieves Compaction: Fractures hardpan layers without disruption to roots or playing surfaces
  • Increases Porosity: Lateral Air injections increase pore space, promote faster drainage and open up space for stronger root development
  • Forces Gas Exchange: Forces oxygen in and pushes CO2 and other anerobic gases out for root zone gas exchange

Ease of Use

  • Non-disruptive, treat today, play today
  • No Cores Pulled, therefore no core clean-up
  • Operated by one crew member
  • Can be used on a daily basis, not just twice a year

Additional Benefits

  • Enhances water drainage
  • Encourages microbial activity
  • Improves turf health
  • Encourages deeper root growth
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance
  • Increases microbial activity
  • Promotes thatch break down

The AIR2G2 does not require post aerification clean-up, therefore the turf is ready to use immediately following treatment.

Because the AIR2G2 is non-disruptive, you can now aerate your turf grass anytime you want as often as you want, rain or shine.

AIR2G2, by GT Air Inject Incorporated,
Jacksonville, Florida

Air is everything to anything that lives



STMA 2015 Innovation Award
HSBC 2016 Golf Business Forum Innovation Award


Lawn and Landscape Twenty for 2017 New Product Awards Program