About GT AirInject, Inc.

Air Is Everything to Anything That Lives. This fact guides our unyielding commitment to creatively and intelligently develop and support products which improve soil profile, turf growth and health, moving our customers’ businesses and their live forward in a positive and constructive manner. We will do this with authenticity, honesty and empathy, forever remaining true to our innovative roots.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Air2G2 and Air2HP are designed and manufactured in the USA. A family-owned company, GT AirInject is proud to partner with a world-wide network of distributors who understand the benefits of aerification and are dedicated to helping their customers achieve optimum turf health.


About the Colors

You may have noticed that the Air2G2 and Air2HP come in four distinct colors: green, blue, orange and yellow. Although these bright and vibrant colors make quite a fashion statement, that’s not why they’re color-coded. All Air2G2 machines sold in the United States are painted green. That was our original color. When we partnered with a distributor in Canada, they requested that we paint their machines “Canadian Red”, which is the orange color. In Europe, blue is considered a standard and prestigious color for turf equipment, hence the blue. When we expanded distribution to South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii, it just made sense by that time to add a fourth color, which became yellow. By customer and distributor request, the colors were designated, but what we found over time was that the color-coding helped both us, as the manufacturer, and our customers as well to track where machines were sold. And now, in the age of social media, whenever a customer posts a photo or video of their machine in action, we immediately know what part of the world they’re working in, just by the color. Still, no matter the hue, every Air2G2 and Air2HP is made with quality and care to provide the world’s very best aerification tool to you, wherever you are on the globe.

our team

  • Glen Black
    Glen Black is the owner and president of GT AirInject and developer of the Air2G2 machine. For...
  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones serves as General Manager for GT AirInject. He and his twin brother, Scott, have worked...
  • Scott Jones
    Scott Jones serves as Operations Manager and Research and Development Manager for GT AirInject. He and his...
  • Jarren Stevens
    Jarren Stevens serves as Production Manager for GT AirInject. Jarren served four years active duty in the...