Monthly Archives: November 2016

VIDEO: Introducing the Air2G2

Introducing true aeration, the Air2G2.

The HSBC Golf Innovation Forum describes the Air2G2 as “a true aeration machine” that infuses the soil with air with “minimal surface disruption” that leaves a surface immediately playable after use. In a statement on the HSBC Golf Business Forum website, event organizers said: “The Air2G2 will benefit every course manager in the world.”

VIDEO: Bruce Allen of Max Starcke Park Testimonial

An Air2G2 success story testimonial created by GLK Turf Solutions as a part of a series on Air2G2 golf course treatment. Bruce Allen of Max Starcke Park in Sequin, Texas shares how the Air2G2 has completely changed the way his course is managed.

VIDEO: Golfdom gets Air2G2 Aerator Demo

Golfdom Magazine captures a short interview with Corey Kimball of NuGreen, a distributor of the Air2G2, on its benefits and differences from other aerifiers. The video includes a number of images of the Air2G2 and the visible results of its usage, as well as an explanation on how the machine operates. To view the video on the Golfdom website, click here.